Our is a family-run company located near Orvieto, nestled among the Umbrian hills, spanning approximately 40 hectares where vineyards and olive groves thrive.

Established in 1994 by Raffaele and his mother Claudia, the company initially operated with a traditional agricultural approach, delivering the entire grape harvest to a local cooperative winery in the Orvieto area.

Over the years, Raffaele’s work transitioned into the wine industry, and in 2011, he progressed from being solely a grape grower to becoming a wine producer and later, an extra virgin olive oil producer. Together with his wife Francesca, they embarked on a collaborative and relentless effort aimed at promoting and enhancing the quality and selection of Romealla-branded products year after year.


Acquista olio o conserve

Today, the Romealla brand product line encompasses various labels of IGT wines, a range of top-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, several types of jams, jellies, and artisanal preserves with an unmistakable and genuine flavor.